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عکس آرش حمیدی


Entrepreneur, Artist, Consultant

  • Address: Washington DC, USA
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About Arash Hamidi

Arash is a pioneer in the visual arts space, an entrepreneur on the side, and a photographer/moviemaker with years of experience. He was born and raised in Iran and has had numerous achievements all around the world. Arash is also the founder of several online platforms: • 1PiX, the biggest online photography gallery in his country with millions of annual visits. • Iran Photo Club, the first online photography portal connecting Iranian photographers to international Artists. • PiX Agency, a marketing agency that specializes in commercial photography and Videography. Arash has authored, edited, and photographed for various books, executed more than 10 solo photo exhibitions and 25 group exhibitions around the world, served as an arbiter at 26 national and international Art festivals, and as editor-in-chief for two magazines. He has also been the winner of several Art festivals. He is also in possession of an Extraordinary Ability US Green Card in the field of art (EB1). He was a Lecturer at the university on Media and Philosophy of Art. As an idea developer and strategic marketing consultant, collaborated with many prominent companies and startups. He has also designed several patent-pending products in the US which were introduced via well-known crowdfunding platforms.


Interview with Arash Hamidi Photography Instructor

New Day TV Show – National TV – Channel Two


Interview with Arash Hamidi Photography Judge

Sadbarg TV Show- National TV Channel Four


Interview with Arash Hamidi Founder and President of Iran Photo Club " 1PIX Gallery "

Jame-E-Jam TV Channel


Guest speaker at Aseman Shab TV Show

Photography Judge . chanel 4 TV


Manage The 8th Behance Portfolio Review

Host by DigiKala


Interview with Arash Hamidi, As a curator & judger - SONY exhibition

photo competition in Iran


Photography Judge

Tehran Municipality Photo Festival


Photography Judge

Milad Tower Photography Festival.


Photography Judge

Omid Photography Festival.


Professional Experience

Sep 2017 – Present

Founder and CEO of HamidiArt, Washington DC, USA

As an innovative marketing company based in DC, Hamidi Art. Specializes in designing and marketing innovative ideas and products to the international market.

Aug 2015 – Present

Founder and President, Pix Agency, Tehran, Iran.

Pix Agency is a pioneer business model for the Iranian photography industry. Consisting of a specialized group of photographers working in cooperation with the company, the agency acts a go-between for the photography community and graphic advertising customers. To date, there is no other advertising photography agency in Iran. Pix Agency has fulfilled a niche and met a community need for both advertisers and photographers seeking a steady revenue stream outside of freelance photography.

Jan 2015 – Sep 2016

Lecturer, University of Journalism, Tehran, Iran.

He was invited to teach at the university on Media and Philosophy of Art. He also facilitated more than 50 photography workshops for interested individuals.

Feb 2015 – Nov 2016

Editor-in-chief, DreamLight Magazine, Tehran, Iran.

DreamLight magazine was specifically focused on covering Visual Art-related material.

Dec 2014 – Jan 2016

Editor, The Sports and Photography 3D Magazine, Tehran, Iran.

This magazine was a unique one that specialized in showcasing 3D imagery.

Sep 2013 – 2016

Founder and President, 1Pix Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

1Pix Gallery provides video and print content for the press and photographers use this website to spread the word about the latest happenings and achievements within the industry. The number of present photographers active on this website amasses more than ten thousand, and there are millions of annual visits to this website. The quality of work from the photographers on this website has earned a reputation that has attracted widespread attention from national media outlets and allowed the website to hold several Art Exhibitions in the Iranian Art Forum.

July 2008 – Present

Founder and President, Iran Photo Club, Tehran, Iran.

Iran Photo Club acted as a bridge between Iranian and international photographers that helped Iranian artists understand new trends on how to showcase their work to the world.

Apr 2007 – Sept 2020

Public Relations Manager, Iran Liquefied Natural Gas Co. (IRAN LNG Co.), Tehran, Iran.

As PR manager of one of the biggest oil and gas companies located around the Persian Gulf.

Aug 2005 – Apr 2007

Public Relations Manager, Riva Tadbir (Information Technology and Services), Tehran, Iran.

RTC is one of the biggest trading companies headquartered in Tehran.

Dec 2002 – Aug 2005

Public Relations Manager, Molana IT Company, Tehran, Iran.

This IT company proved to be one of the best places to showcase Arash’s experience in PR and IT.

Honors and Awards

International Activities

Winner of silver medal for World Competition by CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art)
Served as secretary of the 8th Behance Portfolio International Review, Iran, 2015
Served as secretary of SONY Mobile – Iran360, Iran, 2015
Accepted into the sixteenth Biennial of Transportation Photo Festival, Slovakia
Accepted into the fourth International Rock Photo Festival, Serbia
Accepted into the thirteenth International Herma Photo Festival, Germany
Accepted into the second International Hong Kong Photo Festival
Accepted into the second round of International Quilmes Contest, Argentina
Accepted into the thirtieth round of American Color Image of the Year Contest
Accepted into the first Golden Roads Competition, Belgium
Accepted into the second International Bohr Photography Festival, Serbia
Accepted into the first International Sky Photo Contest, Slovenia

National Activities

National Activities

Winner of the third Iranian Students Photo Festival, Tehran
Winner of Sheikh Bahai Photo Festival, Isfahan
Accepted into two rounds for Iranian Marine Photos Contest
Accepted into several rounds of Iranian Image of Year Ceremony
Accepted into the first Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts
Accepted into Tehran Eighty-Six Photo Contest
Accepted into the first round of Deteriorated Urban Areas Photo Festival
Accepted into the first round of Metro and the People Photo Contest



Organized the first Milad Tower Artistic Photos Show
Organized the photo exhibition of Tehran Municipality's Beautification Organization
Organized the first HDR Photo Show in Iran
Organized the first mobile photo exhibition at Iranian Artists' Forum
Organized Solo exhibition of Iran's Photos in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey,2010
Organized Akstagram group exhibition at Mehrva Gallery, 2013
Organized Fouad group exhibition at Artists' House, 2013
Organized Mother group exhibition at Mah-e-Mehr Gallery, 2007
Organized Sarzamin Digar group exhibition at Apadana Gallery, Isfahan, 2012
Organized the Elected group exhibition at Maad Gallery, 2009
Organized InDia group exhibition at Mehrva Gallery, 2015
Curated and organized photo group exhibition at Maad Gallery, 2010
Curated and organized Makhunik group exhibitions at Iranian Artists' House, 2008
Curated and organized the first 1PIX group exhibition at Iranian Artists' House, 2012
Curated and organized the second 1PIX group exhibition at Iranian Artists' House, 2013
Curated and organized the third 1PIX group exhibition at Iranian Artists' House, 2014
Curated and organized the fourth 1PIX group exhibition at Iranian Artists' House, 2015
Organized photo exhibition in collaboration with Sony in Iran, Iranian Artists' Forum, 2016
Curated and organized more than 10 of national festivals at the Artists' House, 2008-2014



He has worked on several books to help fellow artists and share his experience with them.

  • Iran360 photo book Wrote Iran360 to document the photography presented in the Iranian Artists Forum– 2016.
  • Mobile Photography book Wrote the first book to explore the use of mobile phones for photography and filmmaking – 2015.
  • 1Pix photo book Gathered and edited an elegant collection of well-known artwork from Iranian photographers and 1Pix members – 2015.
  • Naz Shast Provided a compilation of 60 illustrated sonnets for the book – 2014.
  • The Stars of Iranian Cinema – 2008.
Aug 2015 – Present

Marketing Adviser

Arash has also worked with several companies and startups based in the US to help them market themselves to their audience.

Aug 2014 - Present

User Experience Research and Design UI/UX.

Arash has always been interested in design. He started to work on design when he first teamed up with companies to assess their products and fix problems that might lead to problems when being used. This interest culminated in him establishing Hamidi Art . where he can design innovative products that are missing from the modern world. Some of these products were introduced on a global scale on international platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to gain funding for mass production, garnering a vast audience from countries like Japan and Germany in addition to the US.

One of his products was nominated in the 6th Annual Lucie Technical Awards, 2021.

1999 - Present

Filmmaking & Art Director

He got a filmmaking diploma in high school, and has made 4 short movies and organized 8 theater shows as a student. He has also participated in the making of several short movies and documentaries. Even now, Arash studies filmmaking and directs short advertisement videos and animations from time to time.